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Scalp Care

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Certification Course

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to offer scalp care solutions to your clients

How to Join the Course

  1. Click the "Apply Now" and fill out the questionnaire to see if you qualify.

  2. Schedule a Discovery Call

  3. Join the 6 Week Scalp Care Certification Course

  4. Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to offer scalp care solutions to your clients


30 day guarantee! I will work with you until you book your first 5 scalp care services. 


Don't miss out on the opportunity to help the 158 million people suffering with alopecia worldwide that you could provide solutions for. Clients need real solutions and we offer a holistic solution to beauty professionals they can use to help clients with scalp disorders like alopecia. Apply today to participate in the Scalp Care Certification Course!

Scalp Care Guarantee

  • Never feel confused by common scalp issues again

  • Understand the best holistic solution to common scalp issues

  • Stand out in the beauty industry as the expert in scalp care

What Cosmetologists are Saying

Salon owner Halima Sabour! "Yes, and you are amazing at what you do🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 You have a wealth of knowledge and you're relatable✨✨ I can honestly say this. I took some trichology classes and had absolutely no idea what to do with it, your class on the other hand not only gave me the information but strategically showed me how to apply it right away in my salon." Thank you -Halima 

Salon Suite owner The Kenyatta Nicole! "I loved this course. Rayshone is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. My favorite part of the class was getting a deeper understanding of the scalp disorders. I found a great teacher and a new friend." Thank you -The Kenyatta Nicole

Scalp Care Kit

To ensure you get your scalp care services started quickly, we include a scalp care starter kit, free of charge. We not only provide you with the expert scalp knowledge that enhances your healthy hair experience, we include necessary tools to get you started right away! We also include a 1000x digital microscope, which is essential to understanding the underlying scalp concerns!

recommended essential oils.png

1000x Microscope- In-depth look at the scalp 

Head Spa Steam Machine

Therapeutic grade Scalp Oils:





Tea Tree


Lemon Grass





Reishi Mushroom

Jojoba Oil

Total Value- $799 (non-refundable)

***Items in kit will arrive in separate packages

Free shipping in the US to all 50 states and Canada. Estimated shipping is 5 to 7 business days, international shipping will take longer. Scalp care kit is subject to change. 

Your Instructor

Rayshone Phillips
Licensed Cosmetologist & Biologist

Years after completing my Bachelors of Science at Youngstown State University, I realized the importance of scalp care and recognized the value it could add to the beauty industry. Cosmetologists were focusing on healthy hair but I know healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. I believe it is my purpose to help other Cosmetologists understand scalp care and how it adds value to clients as well as generate additional revenue for the salon. 

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Your Investment


One Time Payment

Scalp Care Kit Included

30 Day Guarantee

Unlimited Access to Course Content

Our mission

  • Empower hairstylists by equipping them with comprehensive knowledge and skills in scalp care.

  • Provide educational resources specifically designed for hairstylists passionate about healthy hair.

  • Enhance hairstylists' education and elevate their technical expertise as professionals.

  • Ensure every interaction with Scalp Care University is memorable and exceptional for the hairstylist.

  • Support hairstylists at every step of their journey, providing guidance and assistance.

  • Focus on scalp care as the foundation for beautiful hair and exceptional client services.

  • Equip hairstylists with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their craft.

  • Prioritize hairstylists' success and foster their growth as professionals.

  • Provide a comprehensive learning experience that combines education, technical skills, and business-building strategies.

  • Create a future where every hairstylist is empowered, knowledgeable, and capable of delivering exceptional scalp care services.

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