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Life is too short to standing behind the salon chair ALL day long!

(And 40+ hours a week is a lot of time to give to be standing over heads, even if you love it…)

What if you could be one of those “free” people? 

You know…

  • The ones that get to travel with their families, when they want without having to beg their boss for time off… (doesn’t that make you feel like a little kid??)


The ones that have more time for their family and more energy for all the things they love… (dance class anyone?)


The ones that get to dress how they want (goodbye boring corporate clothes!), do what they want (hello random trips to TJ Maxx in the middle of the afternoon!), and get paid what they want (no more sweating over your “performance review” or fretting about a 3% raise) because THEY are their own boss and THEY call the shots…

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What to Expect: 

In this transformative, 60 minute training, industry thought leader Rayshone Phillips will share here expertise on how to stand out in this billion-dollar industry. Cosmetologist are a necessary part of the beauty world and it is imperative that we increase the percentage of the pie that Cosmetologist obtain. When you believe you are valuable the world will see you as such. It is time to stand out in the billion-dollar beauty industry and in this webinar we will talk about how to do just that.

during this webinar you will discover How to...

  • Reawaken the excitement of doing hair and love your job again 

  • Attract high value clientele

  • Expand your expertise and stand out as an industry leader.

  • Price yourself for profit

  • Choose your income 

  • Gain rich knowledge, build confidence, and excitement that come from working in alignment with your salon goals

  • Feel valued as a Cosmetologist and confident in your decisions by expanding your education  

  • Engage with your ideal client to experience your most vibrant, joyful, and rewarding salon experience

  • Find good ideas when posting

  • Stand out as a Cosmetologist on Social Media

  • ...and much more!

we will get together for a one hour live session

Tuesday, October 18th at 7pm US EST time: 
Enhance Your Healthy Hair Experience with Scalp Care and The Head Spa Service 

7pm US Eastern Time

In case you're not able to be there live, you'll have access to the webinar video recording for a limited time. I don't want you to miss a single moment!

About Your Presenter

Rayshone Phillips is a Licensed Cosmetologist with 20+ years experience. She is a graduate of Youngstown State University with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. She is excited to share her expertise with you. Her mission is to provide top quality scalp care education with unparralled knowledge in the Cosmetology and salon growth.

Get back to loving what you do and increase your revenue with scalp care!




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