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My Secret Professional Flatironing Tips | Smooth Hair without the Creamy Crack

Relaxing naturally curly hair is a thing of the past. Naturally smooth hair is why I am sharing my professional flatiron tips. Many women are seeking out ways to smooth their natural hair without chemicals. Silk press, flatiron, keratin. Although many black women are rocking their twist outs and rod sets, it is nice to switch it up to naturally smooth hair without chemicals.

Black women with naturally curly hair, tend to have a lot of hair. Big, curly and for many, hard to maintain. I think that's why relaxing hair became popular, manageability. Relaxed hair was easier to maintain but it truly jeopardized the integrity of the hair. Time definitely proved that the creamy crack is bad for our hair and we are leaving it alone. I mean come on, how could we not know. It burned like hell! Buttt... even though, relaxed hair was popping for a minute and I am happy it isn't anymore.

Here are my tips I use to get hair silky smooth.

1. After shampooing twice and conditioning once, the hair is clean and ready for blow dry cream or lotion.

***Note: Use blowdry cream for courser texture hair and lotions for finer textures.

Distribute product evenly through hair and blow dry.

2. Make 1/4" sections and roundbrush the hair.

*** Make sure hair is completely dry! Roundbrushing is the first step to silky smooth hair.

3. Place flatiron at appropriate temp for hair texture.

*** 450° for course hair up to 300° for finer textures.

4. Spray the hair with flatiron heat protection and start with a 1/4" parting.

5. Place the flatiron parallel to your 1/4" section and do a quick pass on the roots next to scalp base to heat the hair.

***Tip: The side of the heated plates should aim away from the scalp so the steam doesn't burn.

6. Clamp the flatiron on your section and slowly pass the iron through the hair with the carbon comb directing the hair as you pass the iron.

***Tip: It is really important to use a carbon comb, it changes the game for smoothness.

7. Repeat steps 5 -7 until hair is all smoothed.

Hopefully this helps! Here's a YouTube video that demonstrates my technique.

Thanks for reading 📚!

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