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Top 3 Tips Before Switching Hairstylists

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Hey guys!!!! Welcome to the Head Spa Studio. Today we’ll be talking about the top three things that you should know before switching up your hairstylists.

Has your stylist been wishy washy with you, or lets say, they take much longer than you would want to anticipate? It could also be that maybe your stylist isn’t talking to you about the growth and health of your hair? The reason why you’re switching your stylist doesn’t have to be negative but whatever the case may be

Here’s three tips that you must know before choosing another stylist. Now first things first, “Before you cheat, do ya research” period. When you’re thinking about getting another stylist you wanna measure these three things: Likability,Timeliness and their expertise. With likability being first, think about how well you like them. You may not know them but you can definitely learn if you go through their social media platforms. First impressions are always important.

Next, you want to know about their timeliness, when are they available and is it flexible enough for you? Last but not least you need to measure them on their expertise.

This is not saying that you need to be a cosmetologist, a stylist or even have a branding license!!! It's simply

How good are they?

The next important tip you're gonna need to know is, how do I even rank and measure these things to start with??

Surprise surprise!!! Social media, this is where you'll find most, if not all the info tea you'll be needing. Be sure the first thing you look for is testimonials!!! What are the clients saying about that hairstylist?

As a client who's looking for a stylist who's much more preferable than their last, it's important to find out if anyone else even likes coming to them to get their hair done. Maybe there's more bad reviews than good and vice versa!! Check that out!! The comments and reviews will get you far when looking for someone who's going to be in your hair.

Once you're through with that don't forget to check out their website, do they even have a website? If they do, is it intriguing or is it hard to get around and interact with?

Finally, you'll be returning to social media after you're through checking for a website. Here, you want to look for qualifications. Now what I mean by that is the one of the TOP questions that should be ringing through your head

Do they do what YOU want??

Even if all the steps are met, good reviews, a nice stable website and all this sparkles and sunshine may be great, but if she doesn’t do the type of hair you want then she/he just may not be the stylist for you. You want somebody to do what you like, and be an expert on what you want to get done.

In Conclusion, you've all learned about ranking new stylists, going through their websites, social media and client reviews; but the most important thing to remember with or without the tips is to be respectful. Talking to your stylist with respect, understanding them and being patient.

You just may love the first impression you gain from just a simple talk with someone, but be sure you use these top 3 steps before switching over to your new stylist. Thanks for reading yall! If you liked it, you can find more here. ❤️

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